It starts with the Anthems, it ends with the Cup.

Amateur Hockey Production And Deadline Ditties

I was not loving the NHL lockout. I was actually quite angry and identity watch a lot of CHL hockey in order to get myself over the hump. It was a long winter for me, because I am one of the few people in my town that had begun to equate winter with watching professional hockey. So watching junior hockey was very different, and although it really had its moments, it really didn’t match the NHL at all. One of the most difficult issues with watching amateur hockey is simply that the television production is often so heinous that you don’t even want to watch. Some of these cameras are clearly Betamax cameras from the 1980s. I guess you have to expect that kind of thing, but it certainly makes it very difficult to watch.


One of the reasons why bring up watching junior hockey is because at the deadline so many teams end up selling so many of their current players for prospects in the future. I keep reading that there are going to be a lot of sellers this deadline, which is actually approaching in less than a couple of weeks. I think with a shortened season, it makes things a lot more intense overall. I have always been a fan of the idea of having a hockey season that is only 50 games long, if only because of the fact that after a while everyone get a little bit tired of an extremely long season. Plus, you’re dealing with a playoff session that lasts at least a couple months after that. So a winter oriented game that should really be only played for about six months, instead gets way extended into the depths of summer.


He's the Mack!
He’s the Mack!

Some of the rumors out there that Dustin Byfuglien will be moving I think are complete bunk. If somebody out there to give me one good reason why Winnipeg Jets want to move easily their best defenseman for a couple of picks and prospects, then I certainly would consider writing about it. This is a team that is still building from the horrible scenario that was having a team in Atlanta, for sure, but there really is no reason to get rid of such a marquee player. It just is not going to happen as far as I’m concerned, the matter who you are offering.

At this point, Winnipeg Jets fans will probably accept not making the playoffs for quite a while, but they still will want to have their stars. I believe that Evander Kane as well as Dustin Byfuglien are easily their best players and there is simply no reason why they would move unless they actually requested a trade. I can understand why somebody would want to move out of Winnipeg, believe me, but at the same time these guys are absolute Gods there.

Life goes on, and I hope that the rumors of get too retarded this season. That seems to have become a matter of course over the past couple of years.

Recovering The Damage


Well, it has been a long and difficult road to attempt to get the site back up and online again. I don’t think many people really understand just how much work is going into the site over the years, so to lose a lot of the information to the ages was something that I didn’t want to deal with. I assume that because all of the data was stored on a raid five array, that everything would probably be okay. After all, if one of those drives die, it is usually possible for the array to keep on rocking.

Me, in the midst of a bad array.
Me, in the midst of a bad array.

Well, of course I haven’t had the bad luck that means that I ended up having a multiple hard drive failure, which of course means I had to get in contact with an actual raid recovery company ( They were good guys, but I will admit that the price was little bit higher than I would’ve expected. I think that these guys usually work with bigger companies so it only makes sense that they would charge a pretty penny in order to retrieve something as complicated as a raid five setup.

Well, now that I’m back up an online I intend to get my money’s worth out of this whole drive failure situation. It’s also really taught me the importance of getting the best data recovery information in advance so that you don’t really have to deal with losing all of your data later. Plus, I really understand just how important backing up pretty much all of your data at least on a weekly basis is to any website operator. A lot of people just assume that everything will be okay and that your sost is going to save your ass in the end. That’s not the case. Believe you me.

The Subject Matters

As you’ve seen in the past, I am rarely occurs to approaching some of the more important subjects in our life such as economics, religion, and politics. But to start out I decided that I would probably get a little bit deeper into what is my most favorite pursuit at this point: hockey. Yes, if you’re coming to a website called and you’re expecting absolutely zero in the way of hockey coverage, then you really must be smoking crack. I’m talking Samuel L Jackson in jungle fever crack smoking.

I’ll try not to talk about my favorite team, the Calgary Flames, too much. I know that there are a lot of rumors out there right now about how Jarome Ignila is going to be traded by the deadline so that he can finally win a Stanley Cup, but I don’t want to talk too much about it. I feel like a team is in a really bad situation right now and there doesn’t seem to be anything on the horizon that is going to fix it. I think when you start to build the team around people who are edging up into their 40s, you’re probably not very smart about the whole thing.

Anyway, I said that I would promise not to talk too much about the Flames. There I go again contradicting myself. You’ll really have to expect that from me now and again ;)